Interested in embarking upon the highly competitive law school admissions process but don’t know what kind of people law schools are looking for? Start here!

An empowering, practical and concrete admissions help resource that actually shows aspiring law students models of what others have done to make themselves outstanding candidates and eventually successfully admitted law students in a fiercely competitive law school admissions process!

This dynamic, groundbreaking law school admissions preparation book offers:

Evangeline M. Mitchell,

Esq., Ed.M.


Founder, The Nation Black Pre-Law

Conference and Law Fair

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  • 75 profiles from a diversity of African Americans who were successfully
    admitted into over 100 different law schools across the nation
    (featuring their educational backgrounds, study abroad experiences, the
    law schools that admitted them, honors and awards, activities, work
    experiences, languages, computer proficiency, skills, abilities,and interests
    prior to law school)
  • More than 60 actual engaging and effective personal statements and essays submitted along with their application packages
  • Words of honest, hard-hitting advice especially for future law school
    applicants directly from the Black law students and graduates featured
  • Expert insight on the admissions process and the importance of the
    personal statement, resume and profile from experienced law school
    admissions directors
  • An advice book/workbook filled with helpful checklists and detailed tips
    to assist you in preparing first-rate personal statements, resumes, profiles,
    addenda and recommendation letters
  • Self-assessment, strategic planning and law school admissions
    committee exercises
  • A listing of useful writing resources as well as minority pre-law/lawyer organizations and websites
  • The landmark Grutter v. Bollinger University of Michigan Law School affirmative action admissions Supreme Court decision
  • Affirmations for law school admissions success to encourage proactive,
    positive thinking
  • A section providing personal statement/essay instructions from most
    ABA-approved law schools . . . and more!


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These phenomenal models of excellence featured serve as inspiration and motivation to those striving to be as competitive as possible at a time when getting into law school is tougher than ever. If prospective law students read this book and seek to emulate and surpass the exemplary accomplishments of these impressive examples in their own individual ways, they are destined to become successful law school applicants as well!